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One of the most difficult aspects of parenting is giving a child direction in life.So every parent should need working with troubled youth to know their desire.At some point you will have to wean off your child, and when that teary moment arrives, the only thing at the back of your mind is whether he or she will be able to cope and make it out alone in this cruel world. failure to launch programs from is suggesting for young adults who are having trouble navigating the world successfully. Life skills --responsibility, discipline, integrity, honesty, patience, creativity, innovation, to name but a few- are not ingrained in us as is the case with animals that run on instinct. Children need to be taught life's basics, they have to experience learning, and most of all, and they need time away from you to enable them to stand on their own. So when you're hoping to release a well-raised child into the world, then summer camp should pop up somewhere on the list of activities you have lined up for the summer holidays.

A Different Angle To Camping

It's no secret. We live in a technological age where almost everything in our lives functions digitally. So if you're going to get your bedroom confined 11 year old out in the sun, be sure you're dangling something technologically interesting in front of him or her. Kids watch a lot of television these days, so trust me, deep inside, your child maybe be day dreaming about being a famous actor or actress someday. So, why not give your child a chance to fulfil her acting dreams and her enroll into the Young Film Academy (YFA). This institution offers camping retreats during which various aspects of film are taught. People have been recording camping retreats ever since the foregone era of VHS cassettes and VCR's, so what makes this especially different.

To sum it up in a phrase it would read as this: the more challenging and complex something is, the more there is to be learnt. Film isn't easy, in fact, it is very demanding. The sooner your child learns to apply himself in a disciplined manner, the sooner he'll be moving out and living a comfortable life alone. A summer camp film retreat is definitely a good start. However, not any film summer camp will do. You need a camp --much like ours- that:

1. Has an underlying philosophy. Whether it is leadership, motivation, discipline, self-esteem, every camp must at least be focused on developing character in one area or another.

2. Has a history and a few years of experience under its. This normally translates to well-trained staff and membership to a community of camping associations.

3. Affordable. Quite naturally camping should be cheaper than what you would normally spend every holiday with the kids around, but even so, camping retreats ought to be fairly priced.

It is hoped that this new angle to camping comes much to your relief.You never know, it could trigger something in your child that could reshape his life in a positive way.

from TONY PALMER Director
and ROB AYLING Distributor
for the International Richard Wagner Congress and it's members

Available at a special discount, advance copies of :

1 A new wide-screen edition of the RICHARD BURTON/WAGNER film, to be released on 3 DVDs in the spring of 2011 in a deluxe special edition box-set complete with sub-titles in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

The retail price in 2011 will be 49.99 Euros. To all members of the International Wagner Societies who order and pay for this new edition in advance, we are offering a 25% discount.

an advance purchase of only 37.50 Euros

2 A second box set will contain 6 DVDs.
This will be available only and exclusively through The Wagner Societies.

  • the Richard Burton film as above
  • a film about the parsifal legend starring Placido Domingo & Valerie Gergiv
  • a documentary about the Wagner family, with Winifred, Wieland & Wolfgang
  • and the original 1913 silent bio-pic about Wagner (with music added) by Murnau.
The retail price of this box set in 2011, even to members of the Wagner Societies will be 60 Euros, but for all members who order and pay for this DVD box set in advance, we are again offering a 25% discount.

an advance purchase of only 45 Euros

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